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Sweet promise vanishing without a trace at no time at all.

Plenty was said already, including copious volumes of poems, about how we feel at the time of spring coming. For decades, I escaped the city to witness life unfolding right in front of me at Minesing Wetlands, Ontario.

Each year, I try to plug gaps in my understanding of how the world around me works. Although I studied chemistry for 10 years, not a single hour was devoted to processes that empower the living world. Indeed, I can’t observe the chemistry of life, only its manifestations. I can easily envision a torrent of complex flowing molecules performing specific life tasks. My distant predecessors had developed senses that allowed them to be a part of this far more than I can master now, not because of a lack of trying.    

The history of my connection with all of this around me is entrapped in my hidden DNA strands. Although I can still feel the upsurge of instructions carried by molecules in my body, I don’t react to it as I used to.

A pause for reflection, to ponder the good and bad aspects of my relationship with all I can see around me. Between human behaviour and the celebration of life, is there a path still to chart for all of us?

Sooner rather than later.

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