Georgian Bay

The face of the water, in all its states, as mysterious as a human face

The expanse of clear freshwater overviews that could be seen on the Bruce Peninsula has been my profoundly moving sight. I am not the only one feeling this way. Hopefully, it will inspire many generations to come.

Shoreline Study #02
From Here & Now
Spring Reef
Shores of Bruce Peninsula

The unparalleled multitude of waterways, tens of thousands of islands make Georgian Bay the true summer paradise for people on all sorts of watercraft.   

Misty Shoreline
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay Solitude
Luminous Shoreline
Georgian Bay Evening
Georgian Bay Bedtime Story
Georgian Bay Dusk

The north part of Georgian Bay is braced by magnificent Killarney, an escape for many in the summer.

View from Solomon Island
Killarney 2011-07
Killarney Ridge
Fox Islands Dusk
Full Moon

I witnessed a dramatic improvement in the water quality linked to the collapse of heavy industry in the Midwest and acid rain reduction in the last two decades. Many bays are greening, and the fish population is up.

Warm Front
Sweet Water Sea
Cottage Escape
Winds of Change

There is another hidden danger lurking below the surface of waters in Georgian Bay. It will show itself away from its shores sooner or later.