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Big Picture

Sometimes, the small screen just can’t get it. Neither is the modest size image on the wall.

Lake Superior Study #3.jpg
A good story has multiple characters, and the elaborate interplay between them and the main character makes the story more engaging and memorable. The merit of a portrayed character should be up to the viewer's scrutiny on a stage wide enough for the viewer's imagination.
Doing something or not is a subject of scrutiny for reasons. Wolf Lake is surrounded by a mining concession, which means an ongoing tag of wars. On the other hand, I have loving memories of family outings in the red pine forest; apparently, it meant something to me. Over the decades, I accumulated many sketches photographed with small cameras while visiting this area. It is my working material before undertaking each large image project.
Making large high-resolution images is complex as it requires planning and sets of right external conditions. It needs highly specialized equipment, large and heavy, to get on location. Failure and multiple attempts were the calculated risk factors.  
The world is far more complex than I am willing to admit or assess at a first encounter. I need a distance to evaluate underlying connections and processes. And to envision the stage for them where a story can play itself out. Doing it on location is almost impossible.
One needs a distance from daily routines to put things together that matter. It is a state of mind to see the hidden. Whatever it takes, it's worth it.
Fall scene of environment at Great Canadian Shield.
After all, the meaning of art resides in the mind of a beholder.
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