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Can one develop a meaningful relationship with plant life?

Seeing it, like life itself, is an ongoing evolution.

It took months to recognize our mother’s faces as newborns.
Growing up meant enhancing our ability to associate meaning with what we were seeing.

The limited range of individual experiences influences our perceptions.

Consequently, the world around us is still full of mysteries despite our best efforts to fill gaps in our perception.

The low water level in Great Lakes exposes vast stretches of otherwise submerged bedrock of the Canadian Shield.

The images above and below capture landscapes nearby in southern Ontario.

Suppose these two places looked precisely the opposite way in the past. Like an input to individual experience, this detail provides a path to new meaningful connections; Life's processes in nature.
Spring scene from Minesing Wetlands in Ontario

Life survives by carving out an orderly space of living conditions in the physical world, where the natural state of matter is a disorder.

Science-like statements might have limited appeal in the realities of our lives.
We trust our eyes or social exchange of arguments much more. There appears to be a time limit, though.
The cast shadow of a man and the fire damage of the Great Canadian Shield environment.
Beauty, or perceptions of reality, resides in the eye and mind of the beholder.
However, as we all share human culture, finding common understandings that connect us should be easier than those dividing us. After all, like everyone else, I need oxygen in every breath I take and a
clean, reliable water and food supply.

Casualties have no voice in the narratives that follow them.
Urban building with connections to municipal infrastructure mounted on the outside wall painted with natural landscape motives.
Emotions come and go, but ideas have staying power. The endurance of meanings depends on an understanding of what they convey. They are like stories. Sometimes, they fade away; other times, they endure in our memories, with all traits, like images, of a "staying power."

"The painter constructs, the photographer discloses."
Susan Sontag, an American writer.

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