Empty space, quite a challenge to the human mind.

Canadian Shield, the north shore of Lake Superior

I try, like anyone else, to populate it with meanings.

Overview of Bloodvein River, Manitoba

A sense of purpose, perhaps?  

I live an urban life, an environment absorbed by the ocean of opinions and platforms to communicate them.

Tiger Town. Overview of Hamilton, industial city in Ontario

So many that it feels like a dense haze enveloping everything slowly.
I often escape a world devoid of meanings.

Perhaps human curiosity, or a need for a bit of clarity, focus my mind on a different world.

Water reflection of French River’s shores

A world that silently provides me with habitable conditions and the oxygen I need in every breath I take.

Meanings are like stories. Sometimes they fade away; other times, they assume lives independently, acquiring all attributes of a “staying power.”

The French River environment of Canadian Shield after a fire.

If the world is indeed meaningful, transcending ideas need more common  platforms of exchange outside of the individual, or interest group, influence.

View from the Bustard Island on Georgian Bay with a wind farm as a backdrop in this landscape.

“The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.”
                                                                                                                                        (Susan Sontag, American writer).